Gas Fire Accessories

To complete your installation we have a full range of gas fire accessories. Whether you require logs, wood chips, covers or stainless steel firebacks, we have it all.




Bonus Logs & Charred Chunk

Bonus Logs & Charred Chunk

Customize your fireplace and log set.


Special Designer Logs

Model No SD-BONUS £86.00 inc VAT


Special Split Logs

Model No SS-BONUS £93.00 inc VAT


Charred Series Chunk

Model No CHC-01 £26.00 inc VAT

Decorative Oak Tree Branches

Decorative Oak Tree Branches

Ideal for decorating fireplace or hearth basket.


9" Oak Branches (2)

Model No BR-2 £40.00 inc VAT


17" Oak Branch

Model No BR-17 £47.00 inc VAT


21" Oak Branch

Model No BR-21 £76.00 inc VAT


Wood Chips

Wood Chips

Wood Chips have realistic accents. Available in Designer and Charred.


Wood Chips

Model No WC-6 £52.00 inc VAT


Charred Wood Chips

Model No WCH-6 £57.00 inc VAT






These hand painted acorns will add detail to your fireplace.



Model No AC-6 £37.00 inc VAT







Ceramic Pine Cones

Ceramic Pine Cones

Hand coloured.


Designer Pine Cones (4 assorted sizes)

Model No PC-4 £43.00 inc VAT


Wilderness Pine Cone (4pc Single Pack)

Model No PCW-4 £43.00 inc VAT




Wood Chip Ring

Wood Chip Ring

A Wood Chip Ring set directly in the embers of your log set will make the flames dance through the middle.


Wood Chip Ring

Model No WCRD-1 £17.51 inc VAT






Ember Glow

Ember Glow

Creates appearance of red hot embers.


Single Pack

Model No EM-1 £22.00 inc VAT


Super Embers (Includes Bryte Coal)

Model No EM-1S £40.00 inc VAT


Bryte Coals

Model No EM-11 £22.00 inc VAT

Vermiculite Granules & Select White Sand

Vermiculite Granules & Select White Sand

For use with Flame Pan and Glowing Ember burners.


Vermiculite Granules

Model No LF-15 £26.00 inc VAT


Select White Sand

Model No CS-10 £22.00 inc VAT




Lava-Fyre Coals & Granules

Lava-Fyre Coals & Granules

For covering bottom of fireplace.


Lava-Fyre Granules

Model No LF-5 £19.00 inc VAT


Lava-Fyre Granules

Model No LF-10 £31.00 inc VAT


Lava-Fyre Coals

Model No LFC-10 £37.00 inc VAT

Volcanic Stone

Volcanic Stone

Lava-Fyre Volcanic Stone in Poly Bag

Model No VS-3 £28.00 inc VAT


Assorted Stones in Box (12)

Model No VS-12 £52.00 inc VAT


Assorted Stones in Box (25)

Model No VS-25 £85.00 inc VAT



Fire Place Glue

Fire Place Glue

Adhesive Glue

Model No GL-1 £22.00 inc VAT









Décor Pack & Refresh Kit

Décor Pack & Refresh Kit

Décor Kit (Incl 4 small Wood Chips & 3 small Pine Cones)

Model No DP-2 £58.00 inc VAT


Ember Enhancing Décor Kit (Incl Bryte Coals, Lava Coals, 2 Pine Cones & 2 W/Chips)

Model No DP-5 £88.00 inc VAT


Ember Enhancing Décor Kit (Incl Bryte Coals, Lava Coals, 2 P/Cones, 2 W/Chips & 2 Acorns)

Model No DP-7 £92.00 inc VAT


Refresh Kit (Incl Ember Glow, Glue, Sand (Nat) or Vermiculite (LP), Bryte Coals, Lava Grn & Acorns

Model No RK-1/RK-1P £104.00 inc VAT


Crackler & Covers


Wood Chunk Decorative Cover

Model No CHEC-1 £53.00 inc VAT









Firebacks - Stainless Steel

Firebacks - Stainless Steel

The Fireback accessory compliments any Real-Fyre Gas Log Set while accenting the liveliness of the flames and radiates heat into the room for greater warmth through its reflective surface. Heavy 20 gauge stainless steel construction. The Fireback is available in 18”, 24” and 30” sizes to fit your fireplace.



18" Three Fold Stainless

Model No FBS-18 £153.00 inc VAT


24" Three Fold Stainless

Model No FBS-24 £175.00 inc VAT


30" Three Fold Stainless

Model No FBS-30 £192.00 inc VAT