Real Fyre Gas Products

Unrivalled realism, unbeatable quality and superior efficiency – these are the hallmarks of Real Fyre Gas Logs. This state-of-the-art US range has been enjoyed by Americans for more than 50 years; now it is available in the UK for the very first time.


Unlike anything else on the market today, Real Fyre Logs are hand-crafted and hand-painted for incredible authenticity and come in a wide variety of realistic wood styles – from Charred American to Split Oak. To enhance the Real Fyre experience, an extensive range of accessories is available, including glowing embers, decorative pine cones and cracklers (to replicate the sounds of a wood burning fire).


Manufactured using stringent standards and the most advanced technology, Real Fyre Gas Logs are made from kiln-fired, high-quality ceramics, shales and aggregates and reinforced with steel rods. Their cutting edge design ensures incredible strength, durability and safety, as well as greater burn efficiency and radiant heat. All logs come with a lifetime guarantee.


at Real Fyre we have a range of: